All our prints are framed, either by King & McGaw or by our framing company. Frame options are limited but this is to ensure that each piece is framed to the highest standard using quality tested materials. Not all framing materials are equal.

Naturally, we try to match the frame colour and design to the image it contains.

Note that limited editions and rare screen prints, lithographs and posters are framed with conservation in mind. The frame will be custom made for the specific item and the many years of expertise and experience of our framers will be employed in choosing the most appropriate mount for the artwork.

An explanation of some of the most commonly used materials follows.

Frame details

Wood, no plastic

Black or White satin

Responsibly sourced solid wood frame with a smooth black or white satin finish.

Grey ash

Grey paint and sealing wax are applied and finished by hand.

Black stained ash

A black stain is applied, followed by a hand polished coloured wax, creating a deep lustre.

Ash and Oak Wood Frames

These frames are made from carefully selected North American ash or oak, sourced from the northern states, where the temperate climate ensures a slow growth rate. The resulting timber is ideal for picture framing, with a consistent colour and grain. The source forests are managed sustainably, in line with international standards. The timber is milled in the UK. 

Natural oak

A finishing wax is applied by hand, creating a satin finish that emphasises the character of the timber.

Window mount

Artwork is complemented by an extra-thick window mount, creating a visual separation between print and frame. The mount is 2600 microns thick and acid-free, which ensures it will not discolour over time.


2mm or 3mm continuous cast acrylic. The size of the work will determine the thickness of the glazing used. Optical clarity of 92% ensures your artwork is displayed at its best. Potential damage from sunlight is greatly reduced by 90% UV protection. This material is lighter and much safer than glass in the home or workplace. It is also 100% recyclable.

The Recessed Box

Regarded more as a conservation method, artwork is set back from UV reflective glazing on conservation grade mountboard in a sealed, acid-free environment. It is most appropriate for delicate or older works which show the natural wear and tear of their history, such as posters. However, the frame is available for most items. Some works benefit from this kind of frame by enhancing the presence of the piece.