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Our regular customers will have noticed a slight change in the café. A lick of paint and... some new pictures on the walls! We hope to have enhanced the look and feel of the café with an interesting selection of high-quality, framed 'art prints'. Now, we don't like the sound of 'art prints'! It sounds, perhaps, a little snooty — "It's art darling! ART!" We aren't like that. We just like paintings, ceramics and posters! But the inescapable fact is they are prints of artworks — so we call them art prints. Anyway, we hope they improve the café environment by adding some colour, contrast and intrigue.

The prints on display in the café are for sale and all are featured here on our shop website, along with further details about each piece and the artist.

If you would like to purchase, or want to know more about any of the prints you've seen in the café, or on the website, we encourage you to enquire via email. We endeavour to reply within a day to confirm your reservation and arrange delivery or collection. At some point, we imagine that purchasing directly from the website will be possible, but it's early days and we don't intend to run before we know how to walk.

Please take a look around the website. There's only a limited selection at present, so it shouldn't take long.

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And, of course, you are always very welcome to pop-in to the real shop on Boroughbridge High Street for a  coffee, a sit-down, a decent piece of cake, a slice of quiche, a sandwich... and, of course, to see what lovely prints we have available.

Thanks for taking the time to visit the site.

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